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So there is a video and a discussion thread in the RF forum about the applications, but I have questions about the process.

So he has something along the lines of a high temperature waffle iron... with exposed coils.. but I am wondering about something I saw.

There is a youtube video some where that shows how thermalyene kilns are made, and the unique feature that those kilns have is that there is no exposed coils, when I watched the how its made video, it showed the coils being essentially cast into the refractory mix (embedded inside like a mattress box spring). I like how it becomes a 'heating block' that is fairly rugged.

I never saw thermal design guides for making a kiln with 'burried' elements, they are almost always laid in trenches and stitched into place. I was thinking to trench firebricks and then put in the element then manually seal the springs in by applying whatever kind of paste is used...

does anyone have a design guide for something like Kanthal wire being used embedded in refractory.. i.e. maximum watt density guidelines, etc.

I expect the design will have a shorter life time and lower surface (if you can still call it that) watt densities then a conventional kiln but it just needs to basically get a thin film of glass molten.. maybe it can be done. I would just like it alot more if it was a flat smooth block that gets hot on the bottom then some kind crazy spring thing

I know this is done on some tube furnaces, and it has a slightly bad reputation, but this is seriously low volume experimental prototyping. I find things usually work better for me if its more like imagined then less.

I also thought about using some kind of nichrome sheet corrugation structure that is resistance heated, but I am not sure what the requirements of the power transformers would be (so its just put over the board like a gazebo)
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