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Certain frequencies liable to loosen screws?

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Most plastics do not only deform when hot, but they deform always when under tension. It is called "creep". And it's effects can be mitigated in several ways. One way is to use big washers under your screws which distribute the force over a larger area.

It would help if you post a picture of your setup.

This is not quite my setup, but I found these images online of someone who's using similarly shaped mountings for a BLDC of similar form factor. Not at home today, so can't photograph mine right now.

My shaft type is a bit different, and I've got a wider mount as I'll be fitting a printed gearbox around that shaft as my project progresses, but the images at the link below show a mount which fits on the to "face" of a BLDC the same way. As with mine, the BLDC is mostly exposed to the air except on that face plate side.


Also, the guy who designed that printed it so that when on the print bed the Z axis was in the direction aligned to the motor's shaft, whereas my print, due to other features urthr away from the motor itself, was done in the "other" orientation, with the Z axis being up away from what that design has as a "plinth" (pretty much the orientation it sits in in that guy's first image). So his screw holes for the "face plate" are more correctly circular than mine, his screws are compressing layers along the printed Z axis, my screws compress along the printed X axis.


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