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Cheap PMDC servo controller


Does anyone have a favorite PMDC servo controller with 24V/3A capability? There's the geckodrive G320X, some older maxon controllers, the granite ioni. Anyone have any preferences? If I could find something around 50-70 USD or so I'd be pretty happy.

Do you need just speed control or also position control?

Maybe one of those motors with built in controllers are interesting for you.
Prices for the combo start at around EUR 100.

I think JMC started with those, but I think I've seen other brands on 'Ali too.
Some of them are closed loop steppers, so read the specs carefully.

Since you mention G320X, is step/direction what you want or what type of control interface do you prefer?
And since you mention the Ioni I take it you're with boards without enclosure?

Polulo offers a series of drives/controllers but none of them seems to offer step/direction:

I've worked with both the Maxon EPOS and ESCON series as well as with Granite Devices Ioni and they are all excellent products but they won't hit the $75 mark.

The DG4S-08020 from CNC Drive cost €99, I have not used it but have used an older drive of theirs.


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