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try getting plat aluminium for DIY hobbyist electronics enclosures.
that are part wood box with aluminium panels setup as a Eurorack modular synthesizer enclosure
got this chinese 2mm plat aluminium cut to 120mm x 220mm  sold for the hobbyist
ok its not Eurorack but its at cost of buying scrap.
try getting plat aluminium in Eurorack 1U or 2U sizes cheap in Australia.  |O not drilled just professionally cut to size.
most plat aluminium is too thin under 1mm or if its 3mm then its checker plate.
if I am seeking 2mm then its sold by cubic metre as aluminium sheet.

You could try offcuts.galore on ebay for smaller plate.  They are in Sydney and I've purchased lots of Aluminium plate from them in the past.
If you want it professionally machined, then you go to a local machinist or fabricator and they will be able to source it as well.

Where I live now, the two options are Metal Pros and Metal Supermarket both targeting small businesses and prices are so so. What does help is asking what they have in offcuts, they often have something a little longer than needed but is less expensive than when you factor in the cutting fee.

Up until recently I was living in a large city with numerous recycling plants and that’s where I could get great prices, the trick was dropping by on a somewhat regular basis because the way it worked was that they had these roll around bins about 2 cubic meters, as the metal flowed in it would get dumped into the appropriate bin for the type of metal, once full it would be dumped in the back. Some days you show up and one of the local aircraft manufacturers just filled the bin with new off cuts: plate, rounds, block whatever. Basically you would pay ~ the recycle price this seemed to work out to about 1/4 the price from the actual suppliers.

synthesizer project
42 potentiometers mounted to 120mm x 240mm x 2mm scrap aluminum plate.
  5mm LED indicators &  toggle switches
4 x 3.5mm sockets

I do hope you don't mean 'munting' in the Kiwi vernacular . . .  :popcorn:

While we are discussing terminology,  most of us anglophones who suffer from cold Christmases would refer to relatively light gage metal like that as 'sheet' rather than 'plate'.  'plate' carries implications of heavy gage stock (possibly only heavy for its dimensions), and individual production, whereas 'sheet' is lighter gage (but heavier than foil or shim stock), and may be produced and shipped as a continuous coil, so is more likely to be noticeably not flat.  Is your use of 'plate' local vernacular or is it just you?


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