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CNC Conversion kit for a milling machine

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I'm going to buy a WABECO F1200 milling machine and I want to use a CNC conversion kit for the milling machine, WABECO CNC kit is expensive
4th Axis:
Automatic feeds for X,Y and Z:

I think I can use such a kit from other companies,
I have noticed there are MACH 3 or MACH 4 CNC software:

plus I found "GECKO G540 4-Axis Digital Step Drive" but it has a 25 pin parallel port:

I think for the Stepper motors and motor mounts (Flanges), I can buy four NEMA stepper motors and I can build the motor mounts manually.
But my laptop doesn't have any parallel port!

Could you please recommend me a reliable solution? (I want to produce precision things)


Can't actually recommend a solution for lack of parallel port (my CNC has parallel, and a newer setup using USB isn't working yet), but perhaps this page will give you ideas:


The main problem with no having parallel is timing, so essentially the motion control is offloaded to an interface board. A search for "MACH3 USB" should turn up quite a few options.

I've used Gecko G540 drives on a number of CNC builds, either with a PC with parallel port (standard or PCI) and Mach 3, or via an Arduino Mega running grbl for the motion controller.

I'd suggest looking at something like the Warp9 Smooth Stepper (USB or Ethernet).  https://warp9td.com/
Or the Smoothieboard if you want something with combined motion controller and motor drivers. https://smoothieware.org/smoothieboard

Mach 3/4 is good if you want to use Windows, but there are alternative options like UCNC or LinuxCNC.

My project 1200x600 currently has a https://planet-cnc.com/ USB 4 axis board on it but before it gets back in running form I am seriously considering a stand alone solution rather than tethered to a PC. Mach3 and or 4 is not really where I want to go either.

So the likely candidate is the DDCS Expert http://www.ddcnc.com/?m=home&c=View&a=index&aid=154&lang=en their 3.1 board (still available too) has been around for a couple of years and seems to work well. Still would like to see some more actual user experiences with it but the manual is comprehensive and well written for a Chinese origin product.

I need a 4th Axis without any motor for a milling machine, later I will mount a motor on the 4th axis. Do you have any recommendation?
I found a 4th Axis and a tailstock from WABECO:

or I found another one:


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