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CNC machining service for private projects

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No, I have not tried fractory.com. Where are they located? Only in UK or different countries?

PCBWay offers many shipping options, they as well offer a cheaper service than DHL / Fedex / UPS. I had some very small parts (100g) shipped for $5. For larger parts difference was smaller.
I would not bother at all to ship high precision parts with cheap couriers. So far everything was extremely well packed, you could hardly damage it. They might loose the package, but for orders with shipping higher than the value of the goods I don't bother either.

I have not tried fractory.com myself but if I understand correctly the company is based in the a UK. However, if I select "Sweden" I get a contact information in Estonia so they might have offices and/or legal entities in several countries.
Anyway, as far as I understand THEY don't do any machining or fabrication. They have partnered up with manufacturers across many countries and provide the the web front end with instant quotes that we've gotten used to when ordering PCB's and then pass on the actual work to whoever has the suitable capabilities available within the timeframe.

Again, I've not tried them and I've got no connection with them, I just found out about them the other day.

I don't think the price will be competitive anyway.

I have ordered from JLCPCB a few times and shipping was always around $15 for a small package (FedEx international Priority). Why can they offer such a good price?
JLCPCB offers CNC machining service as well, but only Aluminum.


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