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Dear all

I do a lot of private projects where I need all sort of parts. 3D printing I obviously do my own, but I often need as well metal parts, often CNC milled.

I have tried PCBway a few times and in general I'm satisfied with the quality. The issue I have is that shipping cost is usually very high, often the same as the actual value of the goods.
Cheapest shipping option to europe is usually around $35, but some additional fees might come on top.

Does anybody know alternative services where shipping cost is lower? I usually don't need the parts shipped express and would prefer slower shipping at lower cost.

My experience so far is that if you order out of the shelf parts from aliexpress shipping cost is very low. But for any other supplier shipping cost seems to be extremely high.
What is your experience?

Hi T_guttata,
Okay, just a few questions:
What metal? Lead or Titanium? What precission?
Post a picture of a example-part.
what country are you in?

Aliexpress is highly subsidised by PROC and your local postal-service. ;->

Best regards

CNC parts made in the EU for proto typing= expensive. I've been searching myself a few times for a service oriented at proto typing but never found any except for front panel express.

$35 doesn't seem that high when we are talking proto CNC machined parts. What companies do they offer, DHL? Anything else?

Try pricing it out elsewhere and you won't like your options.

The last part I have ordered was a shaft d=25mm, L=102mm with two precise fits for bearings. This part was from mild steel, weight 370g and it was $48 per piece (I ordered 2). I also had an offer from https://www.china-machining.com/ which was only $29 per part but @ $60 for shipping.

For weight <1kg there must be cheaper options...

You can forget about Xometry. I tried to create a login, but they only sell B2B.


I thought that shipping from China to Europe is generally subsidized because the universal postal union classifies China not as a developed country? So why is Aliexpress much cheaper than the rest?


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