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CNC Plasma Table Motor/Electronics/Interface parts, in 2020? ........

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I need to refill O2 and N2 tank to see if I can hook up my gas mixer to the plasma cutter to get nicer cuts with a slightly tuned gas mixture


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--- Quote from: beanflying on February 23, 2023, 07:35:47 am ---Bit of a necro post but interested if you got your table finished @Smokey?

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Like so many things, this one got put on hold for something more important.  Then I changed the design.  Then I put that design on hold for something more important :(

Some day.

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A little Inspiration to keep on going with yours.  :) I will make a new thread for the whole project but this is a small step to tick off.

My Dumb Cigweld (Esab in Oz) 45A Plasma is going RS485 smart. Proma also make separate THC modules and Isolated Voltage dividers but this all in one makes fitting it inside the box easy. All the switching bits are on the other side of an Aluminium sheet and as it is a non HF Plasma this should work out well rather than doing the same horrible things I have seen others wire up and use double sided tape or cable ties strapped outside the Plasma or wood screwed onto a wall .... :palm:

While you are at it, replace the small pressure regulator with a bigger one. Those small regulators have a large pressure drop and are quite inaccurate. I retrofitted an AW3000-02 (from Aliexpress) regulator on my plasma cutter to get a more even pressure. The original one dropped nearly 1 bar while cutting.


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