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custom bump guards on stuff like HP equipment?


I want to make some rubber? bump guards and a handle/tilt stand cover for equipment, that needs to be durable enough to withstand working as tilt stand but also soft enough to make a good grip. Like the thick guards that come on HP equipment.

Not sure if there a castable resin system that can make the kinds of parts I want. Has anyone had success making this ? Things like 2 part silicone resin are too soft and plastidip is too weak. I was thinking like 3/8 thick parts. Unless you can just pour plastidip in a mold, but I suspect that will be warped garbage. Multimeter covers seem to be what I want to make essentially.

3D printed TPU is an option.
Its quite a bit stiffer than a multimeter case though, the stuff I have is 95A. I know you can get down to 85A, maybe less, haven't tried that though.

I see a 85A resin for resin printer. When I meant castable resin I assumed I would have to make a mold, but if you can 3d print this stuff that is fine too, since I have a resin printer and I only want these things on the corners. It should still stand on the rubber feet but protect the box edges.

So you think 85A is the correct number?



I don't think 85A is the correct number, just that it is easily available in TPU filament.

Multimeter case might be in the 40-60A range?


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