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Am I like the only one still having the file accessibility problem in the Free version? (Well, I assume it's somehow related to the fuckery involved with their recent "Editable/Read-Only" fuckerization of the database)  :-// I've updated twice since the shit hit the fan over this; and yes, I know the "workaround" is to reset the file type from "Editable" to "Read-Only" and back again... but any project made since then is simply not available if I've ever closed F360 on it. Everything I've been able to Google is the same old shit from back when the problem first arose.  ???

The fucking ring of doom just keeps circling forever and it never opens; I have to open the damned project on the web and import it. And shockingly, when I do that, the measurements are never exactly the same as what I created; they're always a few dozen or even a few hundred microns off. Seriously,  :wtf:  ...?

It's like they're trying to piss us "free users" off. |O


A Little while later and a small stash of 5mm Acetal sheet to Laser Cut into Rack and Pinions and the gearmotors have arrived in 10, 50 and 100 RPM. Just a quick mockup to play with on the bench before I get to a final design and intended use.

Acrylic to Acetal should be fine for side bearing/guides and 'reasonable' wear and Acetal to Acetal for the main working surfaces and the R&P. Price driven compromise as the Acetal is way more expensive than Acrylic. Talking maybe 1-200 operations a week at low frequency for the final application.

Linear speeds circa 8.6, 43 and 86mm/sec depending on Gearmotor

WAY WAY off the reservation of things E today. Fixture and welding table lash up for a good friend. Laser cut 12mm Aluminium (his number) tops at this stage but its a single click to pump them all to 16mm (my preference) then off to the Laser Cutter and a little post reaming and counterboring of the hold down points.

Reason for Aluminium is non stick to Slag or MIG spatter also non rust and lots of other good points unless you go Cast Iron.

Basic arrangement is make one panel then rectangular pattern for all the top plates, take that original copy it then spin in 90 degrees and move it to the vertical face and a second pattern. Basic frame is 75x50 and 75x25 heavy RHS.

The idea is sort of Fireball Tool meets 20,000km of separation in the Ozzie Bush.

Payment - Box of Beer and wood fired Pizzas at his place :popcorn:


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