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getting polish on loose buffs


So I want to polish up some male banana contacts that are chassis mount on some stuff  and I thought a good way to go would be green rouge on a loose buff on a dremel wheel. By loose buff I mean you can have solid wool buffs, stitched buffs, and loose buffs, the loose one looking kind of like a dainty flapwheel.

I have trouble getting solid compound on these buffs. With a stiched, sisal or wool buff, you press it in hard enough and it gets an appreciable amount of compound on it, but the loose buff just slaps along the surface.

Is there a trick to this? I have only been using liquid compounds (i.e. brasso, chrome polish, etc) on these buffs because its easy to apply. Are my compounds just too tough? are these for liquid only?


You can have stitched, semi stitched or totally loose, I am using the ones that are minimally stitched.

I have never had a problem applying stick polish to a loose buffing wheel.  That is a standard wheel on my buffer.  Never tried the liquid polishes.  Why use them when you know something easier works?

have you tried to use the little one on a dremel? I can hardly get any loading

the liquid polish are pretty good actually, I did the banana jacks with automotive chrome polish and it came out great

 I think they kind of do chemical-mechanical polishing so you get some properties you don't normally get from just pure abrasive


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