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gold plated brass or bronze rods ? (or silver)

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I want gold plated brass or bronze or berylium copper rods of a diameter about 0.65 to 0.75mm that are heavily gold plated.

Is there a source for this? I see shady chinese stuff (gold pins for jewelry). An official good source?  I don't want to plate anything myself.

It needs to be strait too. I have a bad feeling a becu spring would be difficult to turn into a strait rod

Are you aware of the term, "gold-filled."  It is distinct from ordinary plating.  It is imprinted as GF on more expensive jewelry that is not solid gold.  Search using that key word.

Stray Electron:
   How long are you looking for and what exactly are you trying to accomplish?   Gold and silver have very different properties, are you looking for conductivity, solderability or corrosion resistance or what?  The same question for the core; brass, bronze and beryllium copper all have quite different properties.   Also how many of these rods are you looking for?

  And just so that you know; grinding and cutting beryllium is very hazardous.  It's safe in it's solid form but small particles are a huge health hazard.

for HV gaps, measurement, safety gaps eg Tesla Coil, gold is not needed.

See "sphere Gap" design and construcyion.


Stray Electron:
  For things like that I would just copper or brass welding rod.   


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