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good brand of mini buffs?


So the ones from dremel are expensive... I was reusing them alot but I thought it would be cool to have a 50 pack.

SO this time I actually bought the cheap product to test it myself, they totally suck. I would call them one time uses, you cannot clean them like the other ones and they shed like crazy making a huge mess of nasty abrasive coated fibers where they operate.I bought the cheap kit on amazon. Their mechanical properties are trash and I hate touching them.

Is there a good value non disintegrating kit?

If anyone is curious, I also bought a cheap kit of scotch brite 1/8 shank abrasive pads, and these are actually.. worth it.. the dremel ones are obscenely priced and do not last very long, these are at least similar at a much better value, its not a hard decision to decide to use them, with with the cost of the dremel ones it was like using a superpower ability in a videogame.


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