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Got a job offer to work/training on ROV's

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I have worked on ROV equipped ships and worked closely to provide fluids (hydraulics, compressed air, electricity).
But I have never worked on the ROV's themselves.

What are good resource to get up to speed on the basics (YouTube or others) - there is a lot of stuff out there but I don't know what is old crap and what is useful.


I'll delete this thread later.

well outside my area of knowledge, but I would imagine there would be top brands of a given field, which may let you clue in on some of the jargon and what you might have to expect with them,

You might be able to find spare parts info or servicing information depending on how willing the manufacturers are.

Doing that, this is to speed things up.
Crap companies with good marketing are going to more visible than good ones that get work no matter what.
I was also looking for things about electronics in oil baths, the effect of pressure and anything about the weirdness of electronics under water.

I worked with one of these, bought second hand, and it was always breaking down.

I think we had a prototype from a subcontractor as the frame was external and the track system very basic.

- Figure out what the important brands are (per example: https://www.nauticexpo.com/boat-manufacturer/rov-23337.html)
- Go through their marketing material. It will tell you what manufacturers consider important features
- Search for a product maintenance manuals, operating manuals,... per example, Saab Falcon ROV maintenance manual gives this: https://dugi-doc.udg.edu/bitstream/handle/10256/1381/8_Thruster%20SI-MCT01%20Issue%207.pdf?sequence=8&isAllowed=y

Whenever you don't understand a certain term: dig deeper. Repeat. And repeat again..

The stuff used by the big boys in Europe is usually supplied by IHC, DeepOcean or similar.
Some of the equipment is in house, some is refurbished from clients, some is rebranded.

My question was not on this, but more if someone here had worked on subsea equipment and had info on the work itself...
- How to seal stuff up
- Brushless maintenance.
- Sensors etc.
- Robotics and salt water in general.
I'll shortly delete this thread and start another that is not about me but about the equipment.

Anyhow, the interview went well and I should start in Norway early Jan  :box:


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