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grease for tig welder solenoid (gas flow switch)?

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yes the time before having the resharpen the rounded out tungsten is at 12 seconds now ;D

the hard part will be watching those tig tutorials and buying metal (I loathe buying metal/consumables)

I bought a foot pedal because I need to know if the arc starter works, I just need to know (SSC controls)

I am also looking at making a adapter cable for split phase or two phase. I got a great deal on a LR14-30R to put on the end of the welder, but I Need to adapt it to a 14-30P. Definately can't sleep well before I verify split phase operation either.

The ready made cable is from dodgy manufacturers.

Does anyone know where I can get a 2 to 4 foot long adapter that goes from L14-30R to 14-30P that is not changbao brand? Do i need to make my own cable?

I strip the cable with a cable strip tool, check for nicks and ferrule those cables BTW (wago), I can trust my work I think. I don't like the idea of 3 DIY adapters in the power cord, but I am suspicious it might be better then Changbawza brands. And I spray em out with plastic safe contact cleaner before assembly.

for the time being I can borrow it from hypertherm I think.

The HF start works with the foot pedal I cleaned up/restored. Absolutely filthy inside.

I also tried one of those dremel mount tungsten sharpeners with the diamond wheel and the enclosure to collect dust and that seems to work OK, but you still need to wash it when you are done because it gets pretty dusty in there. The angles seem to match up to +-2 degrees or so (hard to hold it steady with the magnifier measurer thing I got, maybe I can inspect them better later when I clean the optics out.

Next I just need to get the 240 V hooked up, I bought the wrong plug.

I imagine a good sharpener would have a collet on a bearing that spins and a dust extractor port.

Also the old argon reg I noticed was leaking when I forgot to turn it off, so I bought a better one + a rebuild kit for it


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