Author Topic: heat straitening hammer type? dolly?  (Read 5713 times)

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heat straitening hammer type? dolly?
« on: August 09, 2023, 05:33:10 am »
So its round 542 with the LISN chassis that warped severely (10 gauge steel).

I improved the cooling on the brazing transformer, so I can get dime sized yellow hot spots on the chassis using a large electrode.

But I am wondering about hammer choice for this operation. Should I be using like a peen hammer or a flat hammer. They sell a speciality hammer for straitening metal, and its basically flat.

But I see a weird cooking style hammer with serrations on it advertised for shrinking. As far as I understand, the straitening and shrinking processes might be the same thing. Is this one superior? Or should I be using a flat hammer?

and how about dolly?

This is a buckled steel chassis bottom that is like 11 gauge steel or something that was heavily welded. I should cut it into pieces and throw it out but I wanna fix it. I put extra cooling on the resistance transformer and got some heavy electrodes because that is on the bucket list... I wanna give it one last hoorah. I see they use the process to straiten like battle ships so it must be possible to do, just damn what a dog
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