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Hi, motor vibrating & trying to run when connected to vfd


Hello am facing some issues that need help pls, i have ABB ACS350 2.2KW VFD, and 0.33HP 3 phase Induction motor, after setting the parameters as required, and the vfd is set for operation, send power to the motor i wittiness a continues vibration and the motor rotor trying to run,
please what could be the cause and how can this be rectify

will appreciate any help thanks.

The symptoms suggest one of your phase windings may be open circuit, either within the motor, in the wiring between motor and VFD or the VFD itself is bad.

Be sure to double check your wiring.  I have found the circuit diagrams/instructions provide with some three phase motors to be subject to misinterpretation.

Single Phase Induction motor needs a new winding. Does it has a single layer or double layer winding, may be you need to just change single layer.


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