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Home Made DIY Engine Crane Lifting Hoist (0.5 - 1 ton)

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i forgot to mention, since alcohol/spirit/ethanol/thinner et al are considered rare earth material to me (expensive and sold in small qty), gasoline is cheap alternative and quite effective and quick time at removing those grease. and fyi i have complete tool for spray paint and have painted automotive grade paint on some equipments i've built, but for this project, i was too lazy to setup my spray paint tools since its only so the metal dont rust in the open space exposed to rain and sun where i put it, not to mention the cost and time needed for proper paint. i bought a used outboard few days ago in poor condition and i'm currently polishing and putting putty and compound to hide scratches and scars before doing another proper automotive grade paint on it.. when aesthetic is in mind, we get to do it properly, cheers ;)


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