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Hydraulic press tooling ... what to get?

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Oh... I received a call today to come pick up my press.  It is now in my garage, awaiting assembly.


--- Quote from: Brumby on November 18, 2021, 02:56:40 am ---I already have a couple of ideas for that.  A metal lathe and a welder would feature in the solutions, though.  Even at the cheap end, there's about $3k on top of what I already have.


Why do you keep putting ideas into my head?

--- End quote ---

Sorry to others but RAMBLE below  ;)

A Lathe at this stage is one thing I will be paying someone else to do my jobs on. Any of the toy ones in steel just aren't going to get it done and as most of what I would want to do will be in Stainless even more so. Finding room for a 4-800kg lump at 2m long just isn't going to happen in my current location and circumstances. While I admire what Quinn gets out of her little one https://www.youtube.com/c/Blondihacks most of my stuff would be larger and heavier.

Cost is another thing and you would really need to stack on 50-100% for tooling and extras. I can buy a lot of time instead and use the space for other things.

The Welder and metalwork fixture table/workbench is all on wheels and manageable but likewise given my 'normal' spend it would be a long payback. Regardless of welder I needed a metalwork table anyway. As I have a base to make for my big Router and when I massage the room the bigger Laser (was going with timber base but now not) build it made sense to do it now as the fabrication bill for both would add up to a good chunk of the outlay.

My aspirations in metal are rather modest.  I've seen a few machines under $1500 that seem reasonable and I can visit a B&M store to see two of those for real ... and ask questions.

Not going to jump wildly into this.  Payback period is not a consideration, just an investment into useful gadgets at a price I can write off without too much pain.

I still have my larger format laser project in mind, but that's not high on the list just yet.  I'm keen to see how yours pans out, as I am looking at something extremely similar.

To protect the bed....press blocks.
You ideally want multipurpose ones like these:

They come in a few different styles some which fit the bed exactly so the upstand portion fits neatly between the bed rails.
The ones I've used on previous employers 60t press were of 2" steel and no way you ever wanted to drop on on your foot.

Hi there,

Regarding the black discs set shown in Brumby's 2nd post. As they go in 1mm increments from 18mm to 65mm, they are also very valuable to clamp pieces together concentrically. Like shown here. I'm making an car exhaust flange set.

Now lets drill that one hole.

Regards, Zeyneb


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