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Infineon TLE9879 Evalkit in the 12V Motor Control Kit - example code?


To get up to speed with this TLE9879 device I purchased the evaluation boards / demo kits. Installed all the Keil and ARM software and drivers as per the instruction videos, and got going (after downgrading from ARM Compiler 6 to 5, because...). But here's where I am stuck and where Infineon's own Development Forum and Support www pages let me down sadly: The '12V Motor Control Kit' https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/evaluation-boards/motorcontrolkit_12v/comes with a Torcster Black motor and it looks like prior versions of evaluation kits assumed different motors are used. Now my real problem: there appears to be no www link to Keil C project files / source code / 'Packs' for what is in these 12V Demo Kits with these motors. And sensors. As pre-wired into these kits. All you get is examples for the previous (motor-less) TLE9879 Evalkit... Which is an integral part of the "12V Motor Control Kit"...

I am clueless now on what the motor parameters are for what's in this kit. So what values to put in the 'Config Wizard for MOTIX(TM) MCU'. Things like Phase resistance, Phase inductance, Pole pairs, Max Speed, max/nominal current. When searching www the best help came from an ST engineer video explaining how to count pole pairs, measure R and L etc. That got me a little bit further, but I'm not confident yet what numbers to use. Changing values does make the motor spin a little bit, little better, sometimes, but I'm searching in a 3D space I feel. Should I?

The Torcster motorhttps://www.torcster.de/Torcster-Brushless-Black-E2203-1550-16g BTW comes from hobby model aircraft communities, drones etc I think. But no decent datasheet (that I can find) with the basic motor parameters...

One would expect a full set of examples for this '12V kit' specifically, where everything is pre-populated, code re-compiles without issues, so that things work out of the box. But not with this kit it seems.

Maybe I'm just not reading the Infineon www pages good enough. But I'm stuck. And their 'Developer Community' only gives me badges and new ranks. But no-one answers. So maybe EEBlog has expertise on tap - fellow engineers that went through the same loop already?   

Infineon forum moderator came back on-line, and answered my question by sharing some code in a zip. It's a 7 pole pairs motor I now know. No explanation or apologies why that info and that code isn't part of what you'd get without hassle when buying these evaluation kits. Plus this code only managed to spin my motor (after the 1 minute calibration steps) after editing it.

12V Motor Control Kit - example code?? Not really... Unbelievable
Absolutely disappointed. The glossy https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/evaluation-boards/motorcontrolkit_12v/#!documents  advertises:

"The motor control kit comes with example code which is pre-flashed, so the motor will run instantly after plugged in. The source code is available for the user to analyze, understand and adapt different motor control schemes."

"Rapid Prototyping due to pre-assembled kit including example software"

"Hardware and Software both in one pack"

"The best way to reach out to our Applications Engineers is through our Developer Community https://community.infineon.com"

Not true. OK, I did get from forum moderator  Raj_JC a .zip with the source code for what probably goes into these units before they ship. However, this code has serious bugs and bad practices. Only one control scheme example is provided. And even that one does not work properly on my kit. I think that's because my BLDC motor is aligned just a little different to its TLE5012B sensor so that the 1st of its 6 electrical steps is at a different TLE5012 orientation. The auto-calibrate in the example code does not pick that up (...). It is also old code from earlier packs and incompatible libraries and config tools. And BTW the now default ARM compiler 6 must first be downgraded to v5...

The SSC1 interface to the TLE5012 chip: not properly tri-stated, outputs always wired together and both active... Clear signs in the 'example source code' that the programmer was fighting with this but failed to properly resolve...

And then after notifying here that this is pissing off customers, the forum moderator simply says 'We do not provide support for the code.'  WTF? There is no serious code provided by Infineon, despite the promise as advertised.

No application notes for THIS kit specifically. No hints on HOW things should be wired up for different motor control modes like with/without which Halls. No hints on how to make a basic UART -> USB -> PC serial link for just a basic printf stdio for traditional old style code debugging that I would be comfortable with (not everyone has LIN masters at hand...).

Unbelievable that Infineon think they can get away with this.

No, this post is not asking for help. It is a warning to others that are thinking about buying the "12V Motor Control Kit" for the purpose of ''accelerating the learning curve and doing rapid prototyping or proof on concepts". For me, it was not.


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