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Keithley DMM7510 - Synchronizing TSP & Python codes



I'm working on getting a DMM7510 to work through Python code, which implements TSP commands with py_visa/py_visa_py libs.

The best way I've found to send TSP commands is with a "loadscript X (...) endscript" approach, with the "my_instrumet.write()" function calls.
However, Python just runs separately from TSP after sending the commands and the only way I've found to retrieve data/values from the DMM is through Python also with code such as:

--- Code: ---my_instrument.write("print(tostring(tsp_value_to_return))")
value_in_py = my_instrument.read()
--- End code ---

So, my questions here are:

* Is there another way to get information from the DMM beyond the Python/TSP write("print(...)") & read functions?
* If there is how could I get my Python code to check if a script has finished running in the DMM?
* What is the difference between status.standard.enable and status.request_enable and how do they work? How can I check that something is ready to be read in the Output Queue?
Thanks for the attention.


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