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Mmm well for savings I am still in front by two 6 packs of Beer I guess >:D Added this bender I have had on the wish list and now I have a cutting device seemed to make sense to have this too.


--- Quote from: beanflying on November 28, 2021, 07:13:25 am ---Much as I hate Afterpay or 'free' lines of Store Credit for what they do to those least able to afford the repayments  :palm: I got a 25% off deal for a Metal cutting Bandsaw and have paid the amount in full so all they get is my spam email address for giving me $100 discount. It is not the Battery Makita one I was looking but the overall saving of $200 can be put to other toys instead, now what else to buy for ME for Christmas. eBay auction: #133811688372

--- End quote ---

Here in the US of A, we have this far superior fake German brand  >:D:



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