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Latest acquisitions......

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Latest addition to the garage equipment list.....

New Total Tools store "Grand Opening" today.  $50 off, so .... I caved.

Now I just need a few of the extra bits.......  :palm:

Velcome to ze whoodraulic press channal! :D


There is a hydraulic press like that in my DIY car repair shop. I've used it to replace wheel bearings on my car. Nice to develop the skill to operate this. What is your intended use for this?

The excuse  ::)  is for pressing bushes in engine mounts for SWMBO's car.  (Yeah, I know I can get someone to do it for a few bucks - but that doesn't give me a toy to play with.)

Now to look at sleeves and such to make it work properly....   or I could look at a small metal lathe to turn my own.   ;D

Not sure if you meant this to be a ramble #Brumby but I am crashing anyway  :-DD I 'need' a press too and a ..... and ...... :palm:

I have had a burnisher on my evilbay watch list for to long so I pulled the trigger  >:D Its not for stripping scale or heavy rust plenty of Silicon Carbide/Diamond or flap wheels options for that but as a finishing device looks good. Pickled and oiled plate with a touch of flash rust and splooge from the water jet cutter and 2-3 minutes.


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