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--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on November 13, 2022, 11:03:10 pm ---and when you want to paint finish your welded project.. and then a 1K spray gun and mask, lathe, drill bench cnc the list go on and on until you have no more space... welcome to mechanical TeA..

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I hear you  :-[
and then there's the woodworking side of things, routers, planers circular saws, bench saws
I have to waste my money on those things because it keeps SWMBO happy when I make wooden things
me: "Look I just made my own 4 channel 1GHz 10GSa/s scope"
she: "Did you take the bins out?"

me: "I just nailed 4 bits of long timber to one flat one and made a table"
she: "Oh wow, how did you do that, did it take long...................." :-DD


--- Quote from: Smokey on November 13, 2022, 09:27:23 pm ---You will need a compressor anyway when you get your plasma cutter.

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A compressor is always handy. Last week I got a plasmacutter (150 euro from Amazon) and that needs a serious amount of air. I have a 230l/min (1500W) compressor and it just keeps up with the cutting pressure set to 4 bar but any higher will be a problem. However, a single 16A circuit isn't enough to run both the plasma cutter and the compressor at the same time. And this lead me to another rabbit hole I have put off crawling into: my shed is on a single circuit which is shared with the living room and some bedrooms. The designers of my home found it necessary to save a few meters of cable and a circuit breaker. This has been something I wanted to change for a while already and now there is a good reason. I ordered a 25A GFI, cable with 6mm^2 conductors so I can upgrade to 32A, two 16A circuit breakers + box in order to upgrade the feed to my shed. This should also allow me to run 400V 3 phase equipment from an inverter.

The demand for air from various tools is hard to comprehend until you actually use them.  I lucked out, my current house came with a roughly 3500 watt compressor with a 300 liter tank  (5 hp/80 gallon tank for those of us who grew up on alternate units).  It is mostly enough air.  It maintains 10-11 bar under almost all the uses I have put it to.

The cheap as chips compressors can't keep up with all but the most parsimonious tools.  Better than nothing, but in this crowd the appropriate comparison is the unregulated electric pencil soldering irons.

Beware of delivery specs.  At least here in the US these are often "enhanced" much like audio power.  Quoted at unusably low pressure, or "instantaneous" (delivery from a full tank, limited by plumbing diameter) or some other tomfoolery.

I was fortunate enough to land one of those Chicago 4 pump jobbies which, It should produce enough air to run my sand blasting cabinet, which I've yet to set up.

It's certainly enough to run the spraygun but then again I believe these gravity fed sprayguns are supposed to be low air consumers


--- Quote from: AlfBaz on November 16, 2022, 12:20:00 am ---I was fortunate enough to land one of those Chicago 4 pump jobbies which, It should produce enough air to run my sand blasting cabinet, which I've yet to set up.

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IMHO you should consider those as the 'cheap kind'. One of the things missing is a heat exhanger to cool the air before it goes into the tank. Without the heat exchanger you'll see a drop in pressure just because the air in the tank is cooling down. But heck, it is cheap...

My new cheap compressor has a 2 cylinder compressor unit on it. I did replace / rebuild all the pipe work on it with including a decent shut-off valve and pressure reducer.


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