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Looking for a rotary switch cap that looks like this...


Hi - I'm looking for a particular vintage feel - and hence a rotary switch-cap that looks like this:

(to fit a standard 6.35mm D-shaped shaft, rather than a one-piece switch, which I think the item in the picture is)

Chickenheads are nice, but not quite right for this application (don't want the 'tail' side)

Hackaday has collect a whole lot of articles about making custom knobs. From 3D printing and casting in resin to a bunch of other methods.


For that kind of look, you'll probably have more success on vintage car/bike/truck forums.
Otherwise, 3D-print it.

That style of knob is generally more common on industrial electrical stuff. Maybe look at big vendors of industrial components, like ABB, Schneider Electric, etc.


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