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Looking for PLC with multiple RS485 and CAN


Good morning

For a new project I am looking for a PLC or other controller which has at least:

- 4 * RS485
- 1 * CAN
- 4 digital inputs
- 2 DC outputs 24V@2A

Most PLCs I've found so far have only 1 or 2 RS485 interfaces...

thanks in advance

I don't know what your budget is but I would suggest a modular OMRON PLC.

CPU CJ2 https://industrial.omron.eu/en/products/cj2
CAN CJ1W-CORT21 https://industrial.omron.eu/en/products/CJ1W-CORT21
RS485 2x CJ1W-SCU32 https://industrial.omron.eu/en/products/CJ1W-SCU32

GrĂ¼sse aus Innertkirchen

Why so many RS+485 buses?
Also that CJ2 combo will be expensive...
RS-485 to some industrial comm standard is common and would be way cheaper.

The siemens s7 1200 can hold up to 3 comms modules in the left side, as well as one 485 in the cpu. So you could get 4x485 or 3x485 + 1can.

All these 485 runs different protocols/bauds?


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