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Dan Gelbart - for his "Building Prototypes" playlist

latest video:

Clickspring - for his hand-made "Antichitera Mechanism" playlist and other breathtaking craftsmanship and closeup videos

random video:

Machine Thinking - for looking at the historical implications

first video:

Dan Gelbart Shop Tour HD

Bruce Whitham.


Not a lot of content yet but some very well explained videos on CNC Routers and Lathes. Seriously worthy of way more subs.

--- Quote ---Welcome to JBWorxStudio,
this channel is dedicated to the creation of fun projects for your entertainment and inspiration.
You will find content related to Woodworking, CNC Machining, CAD/CAM using Vectric, PathPilot, Eding CNC and Fusion 360. The making of jigs, fixtures and tools for your shop as well as art related objects like jewelry, pens, bottle stoppers and much more.
My focus is always the easy explanation of what I am doing and why I am doing it this way.

Disclaimer: The videos are for entertainment purposes only, seek professional advise before attempting to replicate anything I do on YouTube.
I am originally from Germany and after my metalworking, machine building printer-ship education I ventured to college and received a degree in Manufacturing and Automation. During this time I very much enjoyed working for a master Goldsmith that inspired me to see objects not only from a standpoint of functionality but also perfection and beauty.
--- End quote ---


Youtube recommendation today Lots of good snippets for only 241 Subs  :o Plenty of Esprit CAM tips if you swing that way  ;) https://www.youtube.com/c/Cncquickguide101/videos


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