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I like to watch people building and machining things, so I thought I'll start a thread where one can post links to videos, websites etc.

I'll start with some of my favourite channels in no particular order from YouTube.

MyMechanics - Motto: "I make a new one"
In my opinion one of the best restauration channels on YT

W&M Levsha - he is making some unusual stuff but very nice to watch

JohnnyQ90 - very small gasoline motors of all kind

Maker B - building motors and other stuff

Clickspring - this guy is amazing. Located in Australia he has built a very nice skeleton clock and he is reconstructing the Antikythera mechanism.

Robrenz - a true master in machining and metal work (I think, he is also a fellow forum member here)

Pask makes - Here is another australian chap, he is more into woods but he is also doing some metal work

Olivier Gomis - I like this guy and his humour. Besides that, he is a wonderful artist in woodturning

Wintergatan 2 - How to build a marble machine which can play music?
Martin is really a very nice and enthusiastic guy which wants to build a machine that is running with marbles to play music he'd composed. Very entertaining to watch and one can learn something about marble physics and Fusion360.  :)

Black Beard Projects - he is making knives but do restaurations or building new stuff as well

Shurap - a blacksmith from Ukraine. He is cleaning the anvil with his bare hands!  :o

If you do have some interesting links, please feel free to share them here. I'm convinced, there is a lot of interesting stuff out there.  :D




What, no "This Old Tony"?


--- Quote from: Cerebus on February 17, 2021, 03:14:21 pm ---What, no "This Old Tony"?

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That's exactly why this thread is existing.  :-+



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