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making a plotter with solenoids instead of servos

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Solenoid linear actuators exist, they require the use of high resolution linear encoders(glass scale or magnetic strip encoders), they cost a lot, they are fast, and very precise. However, they don't output very much force.

Look up Festo Servo Pneumatics

I remember at a trade show they were doing a PNP PCB assembly with them. Never asked how they worked.


--- Quote from: KC0PPH on July 09, 2019, 11:28:46 pm ---Never asked how they worked.

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Pneumatics, proportional valves, and encoders on the end effector. Quite inefficient and inaccurate, but scalable.

You could use a linear stepper - https://www.h2wtech.com/category/single-axis-linear-stepper?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIreSb6NKp4wIVwxmPCh0sXw6BEAAYAiAAEgLvTPD_BwE#productInfo1

The rail they run on is basically a stepper motor rolled out flat.  The ones in the link can travel at 2m/s

Domagoj T:
Hold on a sec.
Printers (and that one ~2m wide plotter I had a chance to see opened up) use optical strip encoders with DC motors and regularly achieve 1 200 DPI. You want 120 000 DPI? What print head could keep up with that.
Why do you need that? What is the intended purpose? If you need higher quality print in smaller format, go to a photo studio, they have high resolution printers. If you need large format (as in jumbo ads) that is visible from far away, you don't need high resolution.  :-//


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