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material to make DMM probes with?

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If I wanted to make my own DMM probes, what would be a good material for the shaft? Lets say you want something custom (i.e. pogo pins)

I thought about teflon and some kind of glass reinforced nylon.

What would be some good candidates? I don't have much knowledge 'robust' plastics. I thought teflon would be good since its high density so that means it will be pretty safe I think.

Top quality Fluke or Pomona are using polypropylene core for strength and rigidity, with santoprene TPV rubber for grip.
Teflon I have always machined and never tried moulding it, seems to be compression required.

Russians make multimeter probes out of old pens, I tried it and meh it can work if you're not always rich.

No, I want to make it out of the correct materials, you can do some weird things to it like make a bent probe or whatever.

A set of needle probes (literally sewing needles in pens with banana jacks is something I have some where though). If I were to do it again though, I would make a collet to hold the needle in. They feel janky as FUCK though.

Teflon is usually too soft, it will bend and stretch too much. Acetal might be better but it is also slippery plastic which would be hard to grip.  Have you looked into garolite or similar?
{example} https://www.mcmaster.com/garolite/

No, I know very little about plastics. thats the kind of stuff I am looking for


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