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mechanically strongest soft solder?

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I want to solder on some stuff to a copper block, that also has resistors soldered to it.

Is there a solder that has similar melting point to lead or lead free electronics solder but is stronger mechanically despite decreased electrical performance?

It has to be in the same ballpark as electronics solder melting point. But this would be for mounting hardware, where no current should go and EMI is not relevant.

Also, it can't be gold bearing, because its way too expensive.

70/30 solder is a hair stronger. But that's not worth it.

idk the specification of PSI

They seem to compare it that way on tables. used for glue also

and I don't care if it leaks or not its just a bracket

I am thinking either kappzapp 3.5

or bridgit

I used bridgit before, the eutectic nature of kappzapp 3.5 seems preferable to this application since I am not filling a gap.

kappzapp 7 is slightly stronger, but I think I prefer the eutectic.

Anyone got any other ideas for similar melting point range for copper to copper or copper to brass? can we get 20k psi?

Eutectic silver solder will probably give you the most reliable strong joints at temperatures near normal solder.  There won't be a huge difference, however solder is actually pretty strong if it is done right--which it often isn't.  A jewelers silver solder will be stronger but will have much higher melting point and may contain cadmium in some cases.  The advantage of using something like that is you can do the mechanical soldering first and subsequent electrical soldering won't remelt it.

--- Quote from: coppercone2 on March 17, 2024, 10:49:52 pm ---can we get 20k psi?

--- End quote ---

IDK, that's pretty ambitious for a regular copper block to some random bracket with a flat joint.  Where did you get the 20ksi figure? 

but its already brazed. It needs both a electronic mod and a mechanical mod.

AND I am 100% sure I can do this with regular solder I don't need the strength I just feel like shopping. I was gonna buy another roll of bridget because I am down to about 3 inches, but I don't mind buying something new. OFC bridget is 1/4 the price


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