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Mini tabletop saw question


Alex Eisenhut:

Think this thing can cut 2020 aluminum extrusions? I mean as a hobby, one cut here and there, slow as molasses. But will it work at all?

I mean it has a heat emission hole and everything. But all I see are the chips falling straight into the motor.

96 Watts is a bit over 1/10 HP. Not much power. But my Unimat table saws (I have both the metal and the wood versions) are powered at about that level with it's motor. However with a three stage pulley system on the Unimat, they can be operated at a wide range of speeds. So by lowering the speed I can get more torque. Speed is for cutting wood, torque is needed for cutting metal.

The 5000 RPM sounds more like a wood saw than a metal one. You may get by with aluminum, but then you may not. For aluminum, about 500 to 900 RPM is more in line with what the size of that circular saw blade looks like. And 1/10 HP may be OK, but 1/2 HP would be a lot better.

Good luck.

Have you considered buying a regular circular saw and then build a table for it yourself?


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