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miniature steel angle irons?

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I'm a little late for this but could you just not use meccano stuff.

hmm well I had some erector set parts that I got in a box of random stuff and they were extremely weak. are they any better?

I want solid bits for magnetic shielding too, not with drill holes everywhere

I have this exact one, over 15 years old and works like a dream.


So if I made indexing marks/jig for the bending press, I could insert pieces of steel cut from a strip that is hopefully available, to bend a bunch of these out myself. Then I can have a box of mini angles.

It's pretty versatile out of the box, but read the manual and adjust before first use. They are probably sold under a hundred brand names probably all made in the same Taiwan factory.

For material automotive paint supply has high quality steel and aluminum sheet that is annealed. Super nice to work with.


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