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miniature steel angle irons?

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I am looking for steel angle irons say 1/4 x 1/4 that are 1/16th thick, or maybe 3/8x3/8

Do they sell this? I can't find any vendors. I want it in magnetic steel. Not aluminum or brass.

I know you can probobly make something but it feels ridiculous that you can't buy it.

I feel like 1/2 inch is the fucking plank distance for the angle iron industry.

McMaster has steel angle stock down to 1/2”, although they have aluminum down to 1/4”.
I couldn’t locate anything small than 1/2” in steel.
I was surprised that my normal hobby source MicroMark doesn’t have metal angle stock anymore.
Model train people use brass or plastic.
One suggestion in the rail literature was to slice rectangular tubing stock.

i want to buy this to avoid cutting / grinding / deburring / etc.

So much work for probobly what accounts to a 50 cent part.

Like with small thin steel angles you could do amazing things with a spot welder. It would be like god damn lego. It's strong as hell if you 'stitch' it.

You probably need to bend it yourself from 1/2” wide stock.
Can you use 1/4” solid bar instead?

1/4 solid bar will not spot weld like I want it to, that would be beast. I want like 1/16 or less thick steel that spot welds nicely.

I don't want to buy a press break. I just wanna buy a 2lb bag of thin steel angle irons. It would make beautiful magnetic boxes. Easy to weld the outside corner too once its super braced with spot weld stitching to seal it up.


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