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Spindle Upgrade for WABECO milling machine

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In our country I can not find MT2 tools for the WABECO F1200 milling machine, even I can not find Shell end mills with 16mm hole and the sellers told me that you can find shell end mills with 20mm to 27mm holes, so I decided to upgrade the F1200 spindle:

But if WABECO upgrades the mill machine I should find a MT3 collet set and MT3 end mill arbor and MT3 drill chuck,

You see the MT2 accessories for the WABECO F1200 milling machine as following:

WABECO Collet set MT2-M10: (I think this is MT2 ER16)

WABECO end mill arbor MT2x16:(MT2 x 16 and tightening thread M10)

WABECO Quick-action drill chuck B16 1-13 mm: (with morse taper MT2 and tightening thread M10)

Drill sleeve from MT3 to MT2: (Can I use it if I upgrade the spindle from MT2 to MT3? it may I can fit MT2 accessories into the MT3 spindle)

could you please help me to find reliable MT3 accessories? (I don't want any Chinese accessories because precision is very important to me)
wish I could know the manufacturer of the WABECO accessories.


The problem here probably is that there are no professional tools using morse tapers as the main tool mounting option. It's al ISO, HSK and other methods.

So that leaves the hobby market and the tinkereres, and those are not very savvy on investing a lot of money into tools.

The statement of calling all Chinese tools bad is also just silly. China is pretty big and makes lots of stuff, from cheap low quality stuff all the way to the high-end tools.

Morse tapers are also pretty inconvenient to use. You need the thread in the back for milling, but you also need a hammer or at least a wedge to remove the tools.

If you're serious about an upgrade, then upgrade to something like an SK30 instead of morse.

Note that (as far as I know) all the "30" tapers are the same BT30, ISO30, SK30, etc. The differences are in the thread in the back and other additional features. Sometimes you can easily make them compatible with small modifications, other combinations are more troublesome. But if you buy new, then just buy what fits your machine.

Today I have reviewed several topics about MT2, MT3 and ISO30 and I have noticed ISO30 is better than MT. it's interesting you recommended me to use ISO30. Yes, I will buy WABECO ISO30 edition milling machine.

Also, maybe you want to consider to buy some Chinese tooling.

For example, the link below lets you choose between 3um an 1um accuracy for bt30 tooling:

If you buy the cheapest Chinese tools you can find then you get what you pay for, but if you avoid the lowest prices it usually directly translates into better quality.

The precision you need in your tooling is also very much dependent on the tool.
Drill chucks do generally not need the highest accuracy, and neither do big and slow rotating endmills.

I also once bought an "integrated drill chuck", and am quite happy with its quality.
These integrated versions are shorter and stiffer then the separate drill chucks with adapters.

So if your aversion against Chinese tools is not too big, then I advise you to buy one or two, and compare the quality with your other tools yourself. If you stay away from the cheapest stuff, then the quality may well be a pleasant surprise.

You may also want to have a look at MZG. It's a quite big Taiwanese manufacturer of mills. Probably not as good as Sandvik or Kennametall, but very likely a lot better than the cheap random stuff.

For CNC machines you often want to get the best tools you can get, but for manual machines the performance to cost ratio usually is more important.

@DoctorP, there's a lot more to this than you know.
The OP is wandering about in a labyrinth of tools and accessories, because he has no idea how machine tools work.

The MT2 vs. MT3 is a question about the machine tool spindle. It has nothing to do with the cutting tools themselves. Those will be held in a tool holder mounted in the spindle: ER, OZ, SK, arbor, whatever.
The OP doesn't understand this. You're wasting your time.
I've been bombarded with private questions from the OP and have answered them patiently, and he still doesn't understand.
Just a warning. You may be the next victim.


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