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Need help identifying this solenoid valve


I am refurbishing my Chinese PicknPlace and hope somebody can give me some ideas about this valve.

There are 2 piece next to each other. I presume it's 24V. The two white houses are vaccum, the black at the back is a blow hose, I presume to support part release.

Because it's pretty packed I am not clear how it's connected and also unclear about the "air circuit", how it switches from vacuum to blow. In the machine the blower was constantly running. Not sure about the vacuum (machines was quite a noise source).

Or is the blower to produce UP pressure for the solenoids? I don't see air connection from the push hose to the nozzles.

If somebody has a datasheet of something similar would be nice.

Can't recognise, sorry. Have you tried google images, by the way?


you need to know :

what Voltage
what flow or at least fitting thread
what pressure 
what logic as : normally close , normally open ??

after some brand have on line catalogue as Festo , Bosch , SMC .... and that also possible to locate parts on Ebay after to have identify a reference .



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