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New CNC Machine


New setup with a Shapeoko 4

nice! i still waiting for the time to build bench and drawers like that for my exposed-in-the-air diy CNC setup.. and custom CNC/CAM SW for it too...  :phew:

This is parked in my garage in my townhouse so I needed it to be fully enclosed to keep noise down as much as possible. There's a shop vac in the bottom with a hose running up to the top. The shop vac ended up being louder than the CNC itself so I picked up a speed controller for the vac. It really only needs to be running at 50% to extract the material being cut away and that substantially drops the noise level. The cavity for the vac also has insulation all sides to muffle it further.

Integrated lighting, emergency stop, etc.

Nice job  :-+


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