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New Flamethrower attachment for Drones


Use cases include:

* Ground clearing or controlled agricultural burns.
* Ice and snow melting/clearing
* Incinerating weeds and other unwanted ground plans.
* Back burns and pre burn commonly used by forestry personnel for forest fire containment/prevention
* Pyrotechnics
* Film production and movie props. (check us out in The Purge, Quarry, Punisher, The Darkest Minds and Burger King commercials)

Oh, I'm sure there are absolutely no other possible use cases... ::)

Stray Electron:
   I'm thinking about the neighbor's dog that likes to pee on my car tires!

Black Phoenix:
The only thing developed here from them are the Flamethrower and the Controller with Screen, the base is a simple DJI Spreading Wings S1000+.

Having a video talking about a fully developed drone with carbon fiber frame as it was their own design...


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