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Pneumatic impact wrench usage

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--- Quote from: james_s on September 05, 2021, 12:58:22 am ---I use an impact wrench frequently, they're great for loosening up stuck fasteners, just don't use them to tighten stuff. If you have to use a backing wrench and have to hold it without wedging it against something, make sure you hold it such that it cannot pinch a part of your body if the wrench spins.

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Normal 1/2" impacts are quite harmless even if you attempt to hold the bolt with wrench as long as you keep a firm grip.
Mass of the wrench and your hand absorbs the impact and average torque is really small (just like the impact gun doesn't spin in your hands)
Probably would exceed some OSHA vibration limit but if you don't keep doing that for 8 hours per day its fine.

Maybe not good idea with some monstrous 1½" drive impact guns but those never leave you empty-handed anyways.. ;D

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I was referring to the backing wrench spinning, I know from experience that this can have painful consequences even with a 1/2" impact wrench if it's a good one and the nut is rusted onto the bolt.


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