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Power to hover a 60kg drone?

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One simpler way to test propeller's efficiency is to put it on a rig with sensor to read thrust. Power meter to battery.. i remember back in school there is one discipline called parametric study in fluid dynamic iirc (but its been rotten out of my mind due to prolonged unusage) when you want to build very large and expensive system, you can build smaller model and test and then use parametric study to estimate the performance of full scale system. But even the largest minds in aerodynamic design such as the america, russia or china will have their own millions dollar propulsion lab to test full scale propeller.. so this is obviously not the solvable solution on paper with numbers and letters alone.. https://www.machinedesign.com/3d-printing-cad/fea-and-simulation/article/21819304/the-role-of-parametric-cfd-analysis-in-design


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