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Precision cutting small diameter tubes

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Im looking for dust free way to cut 1/16 stainless tube without deformation of the tube. Conventional tube cutters tend to crush the tube or leave a highly tapered edge. Saws and grinders produce large amounts debris that travels up the tube, due to the small diameter conventional cleaning techniques are not very effective and i have high Foreign Object Debris concerns. Im looking for way to make square edge cut on the tube. I'm thinking chemical etching might work but would prefer mechanical solution. 

Everyone uses tube cutters or saws for the low cost.
For fancy applications there is water cutters, laser cutters and electrical discharge machining

Would inserting a solid, sacrificial material “backer” into the tube prior to cutting prevent the crushing?  And keep out any debris?  Either metal or some other suitable material.

yea i was thinking a purpose built edm machine might be the way to go long term

Is the 1/16"tube thin wall or thick wall (assuming that is O.D.)?  For HPLC (thick wall) with compression couplings, you can file a notch and break.  Of course, the end is not square and polished.  I have also used a filler rod with grinding.  Cutting under water will reduce dust, but you will still need cleaning if particles in the tube are a problem.


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