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Damm this thread it made me too some more serious looking over the last few weeks.

UCCNC Controllers depending on which one you pick are MACH 3 & 4 compatible along with their own software they are still developing  :-+ https://cncdrive.com/UCCNC.html

This controller in particular makes a lot of sense any of the 'better' Chinese ones are about 60% of this price with zero support unlike this with proper backup (several Oz bricks and mortar stores).  :-+ :-+

Agree fully with  beanflying :


Placed this order with them 2 days ago

Upgrading controller existing K2cnc 4' x 8" CNC router
Poor quality factory wiring, connectors , controller and switches ,crudely implemented Power supply. Minimal documentation

Will be adding VFD & spindle later as well as numerous as yet speculative functions
Upgrading to Ethernet interface and a well documented modular expandable upgrade path is the goal 

Should note that machine is otherwise well and cleanly built around 2009, beyond initial setup up was barely played with and built with industry standard components exclusive of the toy like controller and power supply .

Will be reused:
4 Gecko G320 DC servo drives 
4 CUI devices AMT103-V encoders

Will at least initially use their recommended low cost software UCCNC

Note that this invoice does not include the numerous required RJ45 terminated cables , other wiring , connectors , power supplies etc .

I was very impressed with the rapid response and quality of the pre purchase technical support . However I was provided with a full parts list by them that was comically inappropriate , inaccurate by omissions , quantities and even some pricing .

List clipped from actual invoice:

 C76 - UC300ETH Multifunction Board.

Main Board

1 x C76 - UC300ETH Multifunction Board $160.00
   1    $160.00
UC300ETH Controller Included

   1    $145.00
Din Rail Mount Option

1 x Din Rail Support for C76R1 $22.00
   1    $22.00
Control Software

1 x UCCNC License File Bundle $55.00
   1    $55.00


SKU: C78
   1    $12.00

C34G320 - Driver to RJ45 Connector Board G320 Drivers

SKU: C34G320
   4    $37.00

C46 - Differential to Single Ended Converter

SKU: C46
   4    $33.20

C72 - Differential Line Driver

SKU: C72
   4    $26.00

C48 -EXT_E-STOP & Probe Connector Board

SKU: C48
   1    $18.70

C27 - Ethernet RJ45 Breakout Board

SKU: C27
   4    $15.20
Subtotal    $524.10[attachimg=2]
Shipping & Handling    $15.25
Grand Total    $539.35


Hours of Operation:


Drawing supplied by CN4PC is almost identical to the generic upgrade configuration I had decided upon , exceptions will probably be confined to the fan and power supplies .

This is obviously not the most economical solution available
Hope this is helpful to the discussion

Another I didn't mention partly as I had decided against it for my solution is the Masso non PC solution https://www.masso.com.au/

Fairly expensive compared to a PC tethered option but it might suit some others.


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