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Where in the world can I find a reasonably priced replacement controller?   :-/O
Complete working control box to suit CNC machine "CNC 6040 USB Mach3 2.2KW USB Controller".
The only ones I have seen advertised cost nearly the price of a complete CNC Machine.

What's the symptoms? These units are unfortunately invariably junk, but usually kind of modular and repairable.
Describe the problem and give a few internal photos.
You might also want to try mach3 specific forums.

Original unit was destroyed.
I was using the image to depict what was, but am open to buying any suitable controller.

Search "CNC control box" on Aliexpress and you'll find the same thing. The prices for the box alone are a lot less than the full machine ($2k+).
You haven't stated the cost of what you originally paid for the machine or a budget for the replacement box.

If you have time, build your own GRBL box.

Thank you for your reply.

I would like to try building my own grbl controller - (I am retired and time is something I have plenty of.)

However, my knowledge of a grbl. system is extremely limited. I will look for web pages referencing grbl and detailing the build process.



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