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RS232 readout on cheap DRO?

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I have a cheap DRO "SNS-2V", is has an RS232 port but I can't seem to get any response from it. Also couldn't find anything in the manual besides how to set the baud rate. Has anyone used RS232 port on one of these? What are the typical settings and commands?

Send every character to it yet? Some other manuals state to send STX.
Take it apart and look at the board to make sure its populated?
Put a scope on the Tx line?

I found this manual:


which appears to be the manual for this aliexpress listing:


Note the similarity of the user manual cover:


On page 12 there instructions for setting the RS232 baud rate.

Don't know if this manual is the one for your model, but it looks like it might be.

Yeah OP said they found how to change baud. Nothing else in there about printing out info.

Actually, any chance they are using the wrong cable and need a null-modem cable? seems unlikely though, most cables are standard M-F or whatever.

Yes, that manual online matches more or less the printed manual that I have, and I can change the baud rate. I tried sending a few random characters, but not STX. Will try that magic word. Also will try to trace the wires to be sure which one is T and which is R.


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