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Searching for a simple way to use AS-interface


Hi there, I got hold of some Eaton Rapid Link 4.0 Frequency controllers and motor starters. I would like to use them in a to-be-determined project, but I have no idea how to use the AS-interface in a simple way, without spending a lot of money and leaning to program a PLC.

I found this raspberry pi board: https://tinyurl.com/tv4g356 but found no information how to use it.

Ideally, I would like to use an (industrial) Arduino or simular open-source device to get those units to behave.

Can anyone shine some light over the black box of AS-interface? All I can find is how amazing it is (for machine builders with a nice budget.)

Do you really have to use ASI?

For me, was a network that although has been used, never saw much of a commercial success nor interest to be maintained by users.

If you wanna learn about ASI try to find some used modbus 485/ethernet to asi interfaces.

If you can get away without it, do, go for modbus or canopen


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