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Secure door proximity sensor for wheelchair

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I'm looking for a commercially made transmitter and receiver of some sort that could be attached to a wheelchair and used to open an electrically operated swing door.

The parameters:
1/ Transmitter and receiver to be paired for security.
2/ Commercially made - no diy Arduino type stuff
3/ Enclosed in plastic box, not bare pcb.
4/ Relay contacts output - to switch 24VDC at several mA.
5/ Transmitter to run continuously and rely on proximity, user incapable of pushing a button.

Obviously with the transmitter running continuously there would be an issue with battery drain so it might have to be powered by the large wheelchair battery.

Doesn't even have to be RF. Maybe even a camera scanning a QR code on the wheelchair?

Try googling: RFID access control hands free

What about floor pressure mat,  when the wheelchair goes over it , it turns   a relay on?

Sounds like an RFID application, with a 'passive' transponder on the wheelchair. Take a look at store anti-shoplifting alarm systems, or possibly even pet door (catflap) locks. See if you can find an RFID supplier who will talk to you, it sounds like there might be other applications with the same requirements.


--- Quote from: JoeyG on August 20, 2020, 08:01:17 am ---What about floor pressure mat,  when the wheelchair goes over it , it turns   a relay on?

--- End quote ---
Not secure. Anybody could get in. This is for a door leading to outside.


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