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Servo drives exploding after changing EMI filter

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You have a bigger or lesser shorcut somewhere which causes things in series explode, does not matter if it a filter or mov or rectifier bridge or igbt. Or 400 V where it should not be. Do drives run only on 3p, no neutral/PEN?
Anyway, I would start with disconnecting the equipment and check the power side - maybe something in breakers box got damaged, like some botched connection vaporized from the surge, and you don't have a neutral anymore. Or you have a phase contact to the grounded/PENed element somewhere. Even check the power with naked asynchronous engine if you don't have the equipment and do not fancy the proper electrician.
Many things may be wrong, hence check piece by piece. And listen to the German.

The filter could have capacitors where the original did not. Add the loss of a neutral connection or a phase to ground short and the additional caps and diodes of the drive front end can form an unintended voltage doubler - causing voltage to exceed the MOV rating and poof blown MOV’s.

Happens often in the US with corner grounded delta supplies when you add emc filters.

Would those not need to be big capacitors in the filter?


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