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sheet metal drill bits?

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Does anyone know of a drill bit set meant for drilling sheet metal that has the geometry required to make nice holes? I don't mean a step drill, I mean like a twist drill with special points.

I see some theories about something along the lines of crown point drill bits for drilling sheet metal nicely. I got a set of acrylic drill bits a while back and I am very happy I got that, so I was thinking it might be nice to have for sheet metal.

I.e. something like this

Black and Decker 'bullet' drill bits are sort of like that.

Standard bits work fine using this machinists old trick. (start at 5:50 if you just want the method without the drama):

Also maybe you seen the YT vids of the machinists fold a small piece of denim cloth over their hole and drill through that. The swarf get wrapped up with the cloth and bit which prevents it from grabbing and tearing through. I haven't tried it.

I was hoping there was a drill bit solution, those cloths look great but I find myself dealing with sheet metal enough that I don't think I would mind buying a specialized drill set, if it exists. That might be useful if you need a non standard hole and like letter drills on a sheet metal. For number drills I don't know, they seem too small for a cloth.


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