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sheet metal grommet for panels?

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I am going to attempt to reinforce the side of a altoids tin wall by clamping a aluminum plate on it with the retaining compound. I will sand and clean both surfaces, clean with solvent, the clamp.

The idea is to use altoids tin to make various battery boxes, this one being a 3xAAA box with banana plugs, but I also want to make a 5xAAA box when I get some shorter banana plugs, and maybe a 12V box with primary lithium cylinder cells.

is it suitable for this task? after 20 min it came right apart (it was not set at all). Maybe I did not clamp it too good so what I did now is put 3x small vise grips on it real tight, not sure how flat it is, hard to tell because its hidden behind the lip of the altoids tin. . It is a 1 inch by 3/8inch aluminum piece that has two deburred holes in it, that are placed against an altoids tin interior. I sanded and solvented both mating surfaces.

I see the cure time is gap dependent, so I will check on it tomorrow. If it fails again I can put it inside of the big vice with some blocks to apply pressure uniformly to the correct area. I enjoy working with this stuff alot more then glue, no sticky mess, I hope it could work for these kinds of applications, like reinforced altoids tins.


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