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I was interested in purchasing a Shelly Power Meter:


But when I went to specifications, I noticed that its operating temperature range is -20 to 40C. This immediately set off alarm bells so I started doing some light digging. Turns out the things run really hot and aren't even certified for Australia:


There's no way I'm putting something into my wall that runs up to 90C before shutting off. I also learned that Australian power cables are rated up to 70C, so I don't know, these things sound really dangerous. How have they been certified anywhere other than Iceland? These are borderline dodgy technology.

Am I overlooking something?

Does anyone have any alternatives that will work in Australia?

It looks like all of their stuff is rated 0 or -20 to 40C. They say there is an automatic temperature shutdown of 95C, but yeah, I wouldn't buy it for anything other than maybe LEDs.
This is an incredibly common device no? Should be able to find other vendors, eg sonoff, etc.

People are seeing them run to over 70C even running a few low power LEDs! I'll habe a look at Sonoff.

Looks like shelly 3M is licensed in Australia. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShellyIoTCommunitySupport/posts/5570797243019594/

I have some shelly devices in use and had no issues so far. A Shelly EM, two led strip controllers, a dimmer and some shelly plugs. Not heavy loads in any of them, I use them way below their max load specs.
I think it depends on your particular use case, if it's just the power monitor I don't think it's going to overheat, problems probably come when the relay they include is handling a heavy load for a long time. I think their rate for max relay load is too optimistic, but apart from that I'll say their producs work nice and are easy to set up.


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